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Himachal Software

Our Services
Internationally recognized Web solutions
Imagine going to a Site and being transported to an environment that is both unique and compelling - this is the power that Websites created by Himachal Software hold over their viewers.

Integrated, multi-channel eBusiness solutions, implementing precise technologies, manage and address the unique needs of Internet-based global businesses today. We help you reach and maintain the fast pace of today's eBusiness activities in a way that is comfortable, affordable, and extraordinary!

No two Sites are the same
By collaborating seamlessly with all those involved, we evaluate and determine the graphic and functional needs of a Website using an in-depth and comprehensive analysis. The finished Website is focused, visually compelling, easy to navigate, and targeted at achieving the Site objectives for its owner, which include strengthening the overall sales/marketing strategy, and furthering the brand. Custom Site and Web services:

  1. Complete Web authoring, design and development
  2. Secure eCommerce
  3. Database Designing
  4. Web based e-Learning tools
  5. Word Press

Web Site Development
Today, hi-tech businesses, Intranets, Secured Corporate Web sites and Extranets, password-protected sites and e-Commerce solutions are maturing and rapidly increasing in number.

Database driven sites are no longer built to just house phone directories, HR information or company events. Companies are using Internet technologies to facilitate knowledge sharing, improve work and business processes, and above all, streamline communications. The real secret lies in creating Web applications that are intuitive, easy to use, and of enduring value. Our approach is to create applications that require minimal maintenance and upgrades.

Himachal Software builds interactive web applications that merge superb graphical design with sophisticated database development. Our cross-disciplinary teams, with their professional development methodology, ensure:

The final product meets the clients' objectives
The product is highly secure
The employees' find it user-friendly and easy to navigate
That it acts as the perfect reporting tool your business needs

Web Designing
Are your consumers happy with your Internet face?

Does your site design meet international standards? The guiding principles of Web site design are functionality, aesthetics and convenience of usability. The user needs to absorb the information on first visual contact, as he/she browses; the messages come across with perfect clarity.

Himachal Software, with consummate skill and dexterity, will bring you and your consumers the ultimate in Web experience with stunning design interfaces.
We provide Design services – from navigational icons and distinctive graphics to complete makeovers.
Our web design team thoroughly and expertly researches and analyzes not just your needs, but the needs of your customers as well, to:

Style, structure and create websites with innovative graphic design
Enable you to manage content with precise navigation
Offer the viewer, at every click, an enjoyable, informative and satisfying browsing experience.

e-Commerce has changed the way the world does business. It has changed market values, consumer behavior, chains of supply and demand, and even the ways in which we perceive time and distance. Pay for something online in the morning and it could very well be on your doorstep when you reach home in the evening.

How well are you and your consumers doing that at this very moment?

Himachal Software can bring your company up to speed with unique interactive e-Commerce solutions.
After researching your business needs carefully, we combine our knowledge of the latest technologies with the best of interface and application development: expert database design, front-end and back-end programming, to create an e-Commerce solution on your site that will transition you into the world of e-Commerce smoothly, and profitably.

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