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Our Methodology
Having a website built is an exciting thing, but it is also something that must be taken seriously. Whatever your goals are in starting a homepage, you need to be aware that this is not something to just jump into. There is a common phrase, "Anybody can build a website." This is true. We won't deny it! However, having your website built by an amateur can cost you more than you can possibly afford to lose.
Himachal Software uses its vast experience in developing and designing appealing websites. The finished product is delivered promptly and with attention to detail. We tailor our services to customer demands. We make a point of making all our charges clear and easy to understand, and we go over each estimate in detail with our clients.The production process is described below. The work proceeds according to the schedule that we present to clients before we begin a project.

Work Order
Please explain to us the objectives, desired content and expected functions of the project. We will execute a very detailed plan and an estimate at no charge to you. This is a free service, so take advantage of it at any time.

  1. Inquiries
  2. Consultation via Email or Phone
  3. Submission of Free Estimate
  4. Work Order

At the meeting, We and the client clarify the purpose of the website and discuss in detail its composition, function, image and the delivery date. Once the meeting is complete, Himachal Software will draw up a site plan and a production schedule for your approval.

  1. Project Meeting (Remote meetings via phone or email are also possible.)
  2. Submit Site Plan
  3. Submit Schedule

Design, Production Preparation
After we fully understand the image the customer has in mind, our designer will draw up several dummy designs. The client can then choose his or her favorite selection.

  1. Design, Top Page
  2. Producing Material
  3. Receive Material from Client (images, text etc.)

The designer will layout each page in a suitable way before moving into production. We can produce a wide variety of functions for your website, including shopping carts for e-commerce sites, databases for products and customers, bulletin board systems (BBSs) and inquiry forms.

  1. Design, Top Page
  2. Producing Material
  3. Receive Material from Client (images, text etc.)

Quality Assurance
Before the site is launched, our quality control person will ensure that it reflects the client's wishes. For clients who use our web production services, this quality control check is offered for free.

  1. Uploading to a Temporary Server

we will register and manage your domain names. We also assist you in web hosting.

  1. Uploading to up a Main Server

Management, Maintenance
When necessary, we will update your site. We will also offer free advice on search engine optimization to help your marketing efforts. we offer discounts on by recommending us to other clients, working on future projects.

  1. Updates

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