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Himachal Software

About Us
Himachal Software is a specialised web solutions provider based in Chandigarh, India.

Initially founded by S.L. Sharma, the Chandigarh-based web design and development company has since grown to a team of seven experts, each providing a set of skills and competencies that allows the company to deliver a complete set of design, development, programming services to our clients. These services include:

  1. Web design and development
  2. Programming and database development
  3. Logo Design

We are committed to providing a professional and personalised service for small businesses who want to establish themselves online. The three cornerstones of our business are quality, professionalism and value for money. This is underlined by a keen desire to see our customers succeed online. Our e-business consultants have many years experience in internet business solutions.

Our Vision
We believe every business should have a website (see why).
Having a Web-presence should be a viable and affordable option for every business.
Computer terminology and internet technology can be intimidating and confusing. Every business should be given a simple and stress-free solution to getting on the Web.
We realise the importance of a personal and individual approach as every business has different needs.

Our Mission
To deliver a first rate service at an affordable price.
To ensure all our customers are 100% satisfied with our performance.
To offer more than just web hosting and a website. Our role as your strategic business partner aims to provide consultation, advice and ongoing support to help your business succeed on-line and evolve to meet future challenges.
To offer a high quality and reliable product.

Our fully managed services enable you to spend time on building your business, not your website. Let us take care of your online needs.

Why us?
We understand how business works on the web. We recognise a flashy design is pretty at best without a poor coding to drive traffic into a website. Conversely, we realise there is little point obtaining thousands of visitors to a site which looks like the second website attempt of your best friend's nephew. We create professional, aesthetic, functional websites that rank at the very top of the search engines and we do it at a price every business can afford. We know what makes a profitable website, and it is our business policy to only build a website if we believe it would prove profitable. Ultimately, websites need not be a 'must have' advertising expense, but rather are a proven marketing performer, and it is our personal goal that every website in our portfolio is a winner.

Customers don't return to a business if they feel uneasy about how a business is portrayed. Neither do online shoppers. In fact, since the Internet is a reasonably anonymous place to carry on business and many fraudsters take advantage of this, extra effort is required to convince an online shopper you are a reputable business. Hence, cityofcairns.com designs clean, professional websites, aesthetically suitable to the feel of your business. We'll even take some liberties. Rest assured, we work with great care to ensure our web design reflects your business' image and project it in the best light.

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